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Papago GPS

Friday, March 30, 2012 15:31
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Here Information about Papago GPS!

By uJaNk

gps papago

gps papago

Papago GPS is one of most manufacture of GPS device. Like Garmin GPS, papago GPS have made some product of GPS handheld device. Papago GPS originated from Singapore.

Now papago GPS have two model of GPS product there is papago GPS R5800 and papago GPS Z-880. Not like Garmin, which have a lot of GPS device. Papago for the moment just have two varian model device. But with this two model, papago GPS will make people to have another option to chose if there want to buy GPS device.

The Papago GPS R5800 5″ PND distributed by EastGear represents the birth of a new era of advanced navigation features such as 3D building, Junction View and Lane Assist.

Papago GPS with maps of Singapore using the Singapore Land Authority Data featuring 100% Address and Postal Code and maps of Malaysia & Singapore by Malfreemaps, a leading community map portal, the Papago GPS R5800 will no doubt feature the latest and most updated maps available.

The Papago GPS R5800, powered by the EastGear features:

  • 3D landmarks
  • Uses advanced drawing technologies in mapping major landmarks and buildings to provide a vivid view while driving on the road.
  • 3D Buildings display in urban areas
  • Uses virtual 3D technologies to display real environment of all urban streets.
  • Junction View of national freeway/ expressway entrance
  • Picture-clear display of exit ramps, clearly showing their actual status.
  • Graphical navigation interface
  • A user-friendly navigation interface that is easy to use for people of any age
  • High performance X2 navigation engine
  • Smooth 3D navigation display that shows every junction in detail.
  • Simple voice navigation directions
  • The voice navigation feature has been re-designed based on the long-term experience of 17 professional drivers to provide simple and easy to understand directions.
  • Alternative route planning
  • The advanced smart routing algorithm can generate 3 types of alternative route suggestions on the fly.

 Papago GPS X3 GPS Navigation System’s Navigation Engine

  • Smooth stutter-free display updates
  • All new perspective offers wider and longer-ranged view
  • Plan routes with multiple via points
  • Trip computer and mileage log display
  • New high-speed search engine for fast text and road number searches.
  • Distance and bearing display for search results

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  1. P. K. Bose says:

    January 7th, 2015 at 9:29 am

    I have a papago software car gps which I bought in Malaysia. Now I have relocated to Mumbai, India. Do you have any office in Mumbai where I can go & get some services. Thanks.

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