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Garmin GPS Prices

Garmin GPS Prices

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Things You Should Know About Garmin Gps Prices

Excecutive Summary by Lee Cole and Dimitris Melis

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In this article “ Garmin GPS Prices ” I’m going to talk about what you can get from three manufacturers GPS (Garmin, Magellan and Tom Tom) approximately how much it’s going to cost you.

In the past GPS devices were solely used for the military. However, things have changed as we all need a little help with navigation these days. Garmin is the leader in GPS systems, as it is world-renowned for the quality products it manufactures. Why is this so? Read on and see for yourself why you should trust Garmin when purchasing your own GPS system.

The navigation systems made by Garmin are perfect for all weather conditions all around the world. All you have to do is check the Garmin GPS prices so that you find yourself the best deal.

Garmin manages to be the leader and always finding new features to make the life of the avid traveller easier. That is why there are numerous specialised units and features for those who want something more unique. There are various demands by various people and Garmin always finds the way to fulfil their expectations.

With the incomparable Garmin GPS prices you will surely find something that is right for you. There is no wonder why so many other manufacturers follow the footsteps of Garmin. With the latest updates and features that give you security and easy-handling it is only natural that Garmin’s leadership will last for many years to come.

Price Comparison GPS

GPS systems range in price from around $150 for base units to $1,000 for Garmin’s top of the line Street Pilot 7000. You can get a lot of bells and whistles for $200 to $300.

Magellan’s Maestro line currently runs anywhere from about $150 for the Maestro 3100, which has a 3.5 inch screen, maps of the lower 48 states, and about 750,000 POIs. The top of the line Maestro, the 4250, currently runs slightly more than $250. With the 4250, you get a 4.3-inch screen, maps of the U. S. and Canada, 6 million POIs, real-time traffic capability and Bluetooth.

Garmin’s GPS receivers are comparatively priced. Their introductory model, the Nuvi 200 does about the same thing as the Maestro 3100, and runs about the same amount of money.

Their top of the line Nuvi 770 currently costs slightly less than $600, but it has every feature imaginable-4.3-inch screen, more maps, huge POI database, says street names, real-time traffic and weather, Bluetooth, and much, much more.

The other main manufacturer, Tom Tom, has fewer models to choose from, but they make a great product and their prices are in line with Magellan’s and Garmin’s. Their base model, the Tom Tom One, runs slightly more than $150. Their top of the line model, the GO 920 has a 4.3-inch screen and all of the other features.

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