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Marine GPS Chartplotter

Friday, February 24, 2012 1:10
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The Basic Of Marine GPS Chartplotter

By Donald and Kazi

gps chartplotter marine

gps chartplotter marine

Marine GPS Chartplotter – Navigating your way in the middle of the ocean is far more difficult than land because you need to know your current position in relation to your destination as well as the means of getting there.

A Marine GPS Chartplotter can do so much more, allowing boaters to see not only their location but also hazards, points of land, and other features under the water, for example a Marine GPS Chartplotter can be of great need if you are keen on fishing.

Some manufacturers have made models that go beyond that functionality to lessen the number of devices required on board. Most of the new GPS units offer echolocation, sea coordinates, but are almost always stuffed with a lot of unneeded features. In this article, we’ll try to review the Marine GPS Chartplotter that could be deemed the best ones in the market

Marine GPS Chartplotter 1# Lowrance HDS 7

The Lowrance HDS 7 is part of the newly introduced HDS series where their screens are vastly improved to display clear high definition graphics, resulting to better map detail. The 7-inch model is recommended.

The Lowrance HDS 7 is an ideal device for fishers since it covers just about every lake in the US and various other bodies of water totaling over 100,000. More can be possibly covered since the maps can be updated.

Marine GPS Chartplotter 2# Garmin GPSMAP 4212

Slim and sleek design is highly attractive and the same can be said for the GPSMAP 4212. This device may be more expensive than the HDS 7, but the GPSMAP should help both fishermen and sailors alike. The 12.1″ screen sports a 1024×768 resolution for more defined detail. Those do not have much experience with a Marine GPS Chartplotter can enjoy the simple interface and preloaded detailed coastlines and restricted areas.

Marine GPS Chartplotter 3# Raymarine E120

The Raymarine E120 could be too expensive for some, but it maintains its value by incorporating some high precision technology in reliably finding fish and advanced radar technology that received a lot of praise by boaters. The 12.1″ display puts it in a competitive stance against the GPSMAP 4212. There is also a feature that lets users display feeds coming from CCTV cameras and entertainment systems.
The aforementioned Marine GPS Chartplotter could arguably be the best on the market, as they offer three extremes – the focus on quality and the focus on price. All three of these devices have some room for improvement and it is likely for future offerings to push these technologies even further.

With these products reviewed, it is tough to tell which is really the best GPS device out there. The Raymarine E120 gets the recommendation for accuracy while the GPSMAP is best for simplicity and finally the HDS 7 is best for people on a budget.

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