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Google GPS

Sunday, January 15, 2012 0:30
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Key Pieces Of Google GPS

Excecutive Summary By Wolfgang and Williams

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Google GPS – Choosing the right destination for your next trip away is not an activity that should be rushed into. There are various tools now available that can make the task simpler, for example Google GPS maps or Google maps offer a treasure trove of valuable information.

With Google GPS maps it would be far easier to plot a route to some of the most attractive locations. Not only would it be easier to navigate to the destination, you would also have access to information that highlights where important facilities and services are located, such as ATM machines, camp grounds, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

To guarantee better weather, it may be worth considering a trip to the European mainland. The south of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal are all well-known for their balmy weather. With Google GPS maps it is possible to plan a trip that encompasses a number of attractive European destinations.

For an altogether different experience of google gps, there is the option of spending time exploring Eastern Europe. Countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary are not so established, yet they offer the potential for a low-cost holiday in an environment which is underdeveloped and attractive.

Use Google Earth and Google GPS To Find Your Destination

Google Earth is a google gps maps to the rescue! when open Google Earth we can quickly found the location. Then, we can placemarked the location. ( Add > Placemark ) Once the placemark pin was inserted, right clicked on the pin, went to Properties, and read off and wrote down the latitude and longitude.

The next step was to create a waypoint in my google gps earth by manually putting the latitude and longitude into the GPS.

When we arrived at the destination, a bit over 200 miles away, we can drove up to the camping spot and stopped before backing the trailer into the spot they had prepared for us.

The combination of Google Earth and Google gps maps can be a provide a simple, yet very high-tech, way to find practically any spot on the face of the earth. Here are some things for which it may prove useful:

  • Find campground or RV park
  • Locate destination for a load of goods to be delivered
  • Find a business which you need to visit
  • Locate a relative’s home
  • Find the location of a hall or hotel where you will be making a presentation.

Both Google Earth and google gps are amazingly accurate. In the situations described above, the major inaccuracy will be introduced by your setting of the Placemark. Accuracy of the google gps itself will probably be within a very few tens of feet. For download free Google Eart klik here.
Its available for use in PC, Laptop or Handphone. If you want GPS in stay alone, maybe you can buy the profesional GPS Navigation such as Garmin or Tomtom!  Here if you want to but the Garmin GPS

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    January 13th, 2015 at 9:05 am

    I had a GPS app on my ZTE tablet. It was ABSOLUUT the best app on my phone. It worked exactly Like Tom Tom or Garmin. But now with the Black Berry Pasport I coudnt get that same GPS. Please help me to get it on this phone. 

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