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Monday, February 13, 2012 17:49
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Free GPS Online Reviews & Guide

Excecutive Summary by Aunindita Bhatia and Anne King

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Free GPS Online – There are a number of websites on the Web that provide free GPS online tracker services. These websites promise free accurate tracking of vehicles, person, and even pets through internet. If you want to use a free GPS online tracker system, you should also understand its disadvantages properly.

Free GPS Online – Privacy Issues

When you apply for internet based tracking for free GPS online, you will also have to disclose your personal information. Also, most of the websites delivering this service does not have any privacy policies in place.

Free GPS Online – Less Accuracy

There is no guarantee that the information you get from free GPS online through web is accurate. Most of the websites claim that they use system for tracking. But, most often that is not the case. So, a global tracking device or a cheapest GPS can give you more accurate information than a free online GPS tracker.

Free GPS Online – Hidden Costs

Even though the free GPS online service is supposed to be free, some websites may charge you a fee for using their system. If you do not want to fall in such a trap, avoid using free GPS online tracker services.

Free GPS Software

I took a look at some of the free GPS online software and found, like many “free” offers there were often limits and provisos involved. Sometimes the free product has restricted functionality with features disabled.

An example of limited free GPS online software can be found at GPS Utility. The downloadable freeware is limited 100 waypoints and 500 track points. The free GPS online program gives you a good opportunity to try before you buy, and this is the benefit of most free programs.

There are online sites that list various free GPS online software and describe how to use the programs after you download them. Using free GPS online software you can download programs that allow you to retrieve and display aerial photos, topographical maps, USGS landmarks.

Free GPS online software downloads are available for PDA units that are capable of communication with GPS receivers. With these downloads you can have a useful navigation assistant, location database manager, and GPS data converter.

Many of the programs listed here are directed at the hiking/trekker community, but there are also free GPS online programs available for auto GPS systems and marine navigational systems.

There are free GPS online software programs that allow you to download street maps that might not be included in your auto–navigation system. Free GPS online software is also available for downloading to your cell phone.

Some of the free GPS online software is brand specific. Programs designed for a Garmin receiver may not work for a Magellan, so check out the specifications carefully, especially if you intend purchasing a registered version after your trial period.

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